Avenues Unlimited Counseling Center Services

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Individual Psychotherapy

Meet one on one with a therapist to resolve interpersonal conflicts such as anxiety, depressions, or addictions.

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Couples Counseling

Resolve impasses between you and your partner or learn how to communicate and be the best team possible.

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Family Therapy

Change the dynamic of your family system or mend old wounds.

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Group Therapy

Work through issues with the support of others and build deep bonds.

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We offer many workshops on various topics, with the goal of informing and empowering attendees.  


Psych Testing

Gain insight into your cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning.

Specialized Services for Licensees and Businesses

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Clinical Supervision

For those working on their clinical licences, we offer supervision for LCSW, CADC, and LPCC.

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Business and Legacy Consultation

Business consulting to address conflicts, toxic work environments as well as how to work through transitions in leadership.

How therapy works

Therapy works by giving you a space in your life where you are free to express your thoughts and feelings in a way you are not currently doing so in your everyday life.

The 50 minutes you have in session is a time where you can express feelings and ideas that are often too difficult to express freely with friends or families for numerous reasons. Your therapist is there to help you explore these thoughts with unconditional positive regard. Avenues Unlimited’s therapists also will help you create self-guided change.

Therapists are bound by confidentiality, meaning you can be assured that what’s said is your session stays in your session. This further helps to create an environment where you are free to express your true self. There are of course limits to confidentiality. These limits are included in your intake paperwork and will be made explicit to you during your first appointment.

Your first session

No matter the therapeutic approach, research shows that the ability for a client to get better is based on their ability to relate with and connect to the therapist they are working with. This “therapeutic alliance,” is established within the first few hours of contact.

Most people generally have an idea if they are going to get along with someone or not within the first few moments of meeting them — this is the same when it comes to your therapist. For this reason we ask that you have all your forms and paperwork completed and ready when you arrive to your first session. This way we can get right into what’s important, getting to know and understand you.

The pace of therapy is set by you.

During your first visit, we will discuss what prompted you to seek our services. How much or how little you disclose is up to you. We will never ask you to go into details that you’re not comfortable or ready to share just yet.

The goal of the first session is to get an understanding of you, how the issue that prompted you to seek services has been affecting you, and to begin to develop a plan on making a change.

Our promise to you

All therapists at Avenues Unlimited will create what’s called a Therapy Contract. The goal of this contract is to describe how you hope to change as a result of therapy, how you will make these changes, and what role you and your therapist will have in making that change. This helps to keep sessions as focused and productive as possible. Once a contract is met, it is time to either graduate from therapy or develop a new goal to work towards.